MDU/HOA Solution

Fiber for MDU/HOAs

Bulk Internet for Apartments & Multi-Family Communities

A fast and reliable internet connection is no longer a luxury, but a crucial necessity for every household. NBBC’s members are trusted provider of internet connection services, specializing in fiber installations for MDUs (Multi-Dwelling Units), ensuring reliable and high-speed connectivity. Fiber is an exceptional choice among other types of internet connections due to its vast bandwidth capacity and ability to maintain high speeds over long distances.

Before installing fiber internet in your multi-family property, NBBC offers clients three primary options.

How Internet Communications Inc. Installs Fiber


1. Fiber to Premises

A dependable internet connection to a multi-dwelling unit (MDU) building or campus is now as essential as water or electricity. At NBBC Communications Inc., we offer a range of options, providing up to 100 GB based on bandwidth requirements, MDU size, and budget. Once our fiber connection is installed, you can effortlessly distribute broadband throughout your property using Cat 6 and other wireless connections. Enjoy seamless connectivity and enhanced convenience.


2. Fiber Between Risers or Telecom Closets

Running between risers, also known as telecom closets, presents a second option that offers numerous benefits. By opting for this approach, you can enjoy optimal bandwidth capacity and reliability, ensuring maximum speed is delivered to every access point. Another advantage of this option is its unlimited bandwidth capability and flexible future upgrade options. Choose this option to unlock the full potential of your network infrastructure.


3. Fiber to Each Apartment Unit

Instead of directly connecting customer devices to the fiber, they typically connect via Ethernet or WiFi. This means that running fiber to each individual unit can result in increased hardware costs for property owners and tenants. Power concerns also arise in this scenario, as a loss of building power would result in a loss of internet connectivity for tenants.

To address these challenges, NBBC members has developed an advanced system. This system utilizes Cat 6a data closets to connect to WiFi access points, which are equipped with power backups to safeguard against brownouts and outages. As a result, buildings with generators can maintain internet connectivity during power outages, ensuring continuous access to emergency services for tenants.

Considering these factors, it is our belief that running fiber to each apartment unit is most practical during new construction, with an eye towards future use.

Proper Fiber Installation for your Property

Our setup includes fiber cables running to telecom closets, with Cat6 routers home-run to the appropriate closet for each apartment. Instead of individually routing fiber to each apartment, we recommend installing fiber connections to every building and telecom closet. This management system guarantees optimal performance for tenants, while also maximizing value for property owners.

  • Every unit is equipped with a wired connection specifically designed to meet the video and video gaming needs of residents.
  • Videos consume the majority of bandwidth, making them a primary factor to consider. The setup offers residents the choice between wired and wireless connections, ensuring they are provided with the most optimal experience.
  • Unlike other connections, the setup does not need additional equipment or a media panel to facilitate high-speed broadband for each unit.
  • The access points are powered remotely, drawing power from secure switches strategically located in the telecom rooms. This arrangement ensures efficient operation while maintaining a high level of security.

Is Running Fiber to Every Apartment Unit a good option? (FTTU)

  • To fiber connectivity in every apartment, it is imperative to have a modem (ONT) installed in each unit that can be powered via AC. This setup ensures seamless access to high-quality internet and guarantees efficient transmission of data.
  • Every apartment will need an equipment cabinet that efficiently converts fiber to Ethernet, ensuring seamless connectivity.
  • The equipment within the residential apartment is not only pricey but also prone to breakage, offering little to no significant advantage. Moreover, these devices do not have a direct connection to fiber optics, necessitating the use of WiFi or Ethernet.
  • Once have installed an access point in an apartment, it becomes necessary to seek an alternative power source. This is because powering it through the fiber is not feasible.
  • During a power outage, residents who have FTTU experience a loss of internet connectivity and WiFi calling. Our system ensures that residents can still access the internet by utilizing the power backup solution we provide. Thus, uninterrupted internet usage is guaranteed even in the event of a power blackout.

While it may be reasonable to consider future-proofing by running fiber to every apartment, it is not a requirement at present. The cost and complexity associated with implementing fiber in each unit are considerable, even with the technological advancements we employ. At NBBC, we suggest reserving the allocation of additional fiber for specific scenarios and new construction projects.