Become a NBBC Member

Membership Overview

When you invest a one-time membership fee with NBBC, you become part of a member-owned cooperative committed to offering wholesale broadband telecommunications products and services. Our dedication ensures reliable connectivity and exceptional value for all our members.

Membership rights:
Maxizing the potential of NBBC assets to expand the scope of your service offerings.

Membership responsibilities:
Ensure continual maintenance of your account and contribute to the financial stability of the National Broadband Co-op. As a responsible business organization, we are committed to fulfilling our obligations and delivering exceptional services. Stay connected with us for a seamless and reliable cooperative experience.

Membership Applications

Membership Investments

To join our cooperative, a one-time membership fee covers administrative costs related to your membership. By becoming a member, you gain access to the following benefits: the ability to purchase telecom products and services from NBBC, expand your market share affordably, increase your recurring revenue, reduce recurring costs, enhance reliability and redundancy, improve your service offerings, and boost visibility among your customers.

At NBBC, depending on the products and services you purchase, you can receive annual dividends authorized by our Board of Directors. These dividends, known as Capital Credits, are calculated based on the profits of NBBC and your share of the revenue generated. Our Board of Directors determines the percentage of capital credits applied to members. Discover the benefits of being a member and earn your Capital Credits today!

NBBC Membership fees are not eligible for charitable contribution deductions. However, you can deduct 95% of the fees as a business expense for tax purposes. The remaining 5% is non-deductible, considering NBBC’s engagement in lobbying activities.

Membership Partnerships

In our daily collaborative efforts among Members, we harness significant advantages beyond delivering innovative and scalable solutions. These solutions empower our Members to provide residential and commercial services throughout Indiana and enable them to achieve unparalleled reliability and efficiency.

As an open-access provider specializing in wholesale and enterprise transport, we prioritize cooperation over competition, fostering a strong and united network that sets the stage for sustainable growth and long-term success in the telecommunications industry.

Membership Levels:

The Association was founded by five ‘Class A’ WISPs/ISPS or Electric Co-ops members in various stages of developing comprehensive fiber-to-the-home networks. We offer multiple classes of membership, including:

Available to Electric Co-ops, WISPs, ISPs, or their affiliates providing middle-mile or wholesale service

Available to non-Co-op entities providing retail, wholesale or other broadband services.

Available to others who support the NBBC’s rural broadband mission, including contractors and vendors.

Dues for CY2021 are $6,000 for Class B and $3,000 each for Classes C and D.  An invoice will follow after your application is approved.

Membership Benefits:

Events, Gov. Relations and Policy Advocacy, Communications, Research and Policy Analysis, and Company Promotions.  

  • Make it a priority to participate in regular NBBC meetings and connect with fellow members of the Association to expand your network.
  • Get exclusive discounts for NBBC events and conferences.
  • Help shape the legislative priorities of NBBC.
  • Engage in meetings with policymakers at the state and federal levels to actively participate in shaping policies and decisions.
  • Stay with frequent updates on the latest efforts of NBBC.
  • Stay informed with timely alerts on pertinent policy developments.
  • Access exclusive NBBC research
  • Gain comprehensive analysis of state and federal policies and regulations.
  • Promote your company by leveraging branding opportunities on NBBC’s website and promotional materials.
  • Prom company news via NBBC’s official website and social media channels.

Application Included: