Company FAQs

The National Broadband Cooperative, comprised of around 80 members, operates as a member-owned organization under 501(c)(12) status. Our organization serves two essential functions:

  1. We specialize in constructing and providing state-of-the-art fiber-optic cable infrastructure to cater to the connectivity needs of our esteemed members across the entire state.
  2. We are a trade association for organizations interested in broadband services nationwide, fostering collaboration and representing their common interests.

Unfortunately, our company does not provide retail services. Instead, we work in collaboration with our extensive network of over 70 Internet Service Provider members. This allows us to extend a broader range of services to the rural areas in our vicinity.

Consider us as your Internet Service Provider’s internet provider. We provide wholesale internet services to our members, who, in turn, offer services to their customers.

We are dedicated to contributing to the expansion of high-speed networks across every corner of the country. Nevertheless, in some hard-to-reach regions, government support is imperative for cable or other service providers to facilitate coverage. 

Membership FAQs

Membership Levels:

The Association was founded by five ‘Class A’ WISPs/ISPS or Electric Co-ops members in various stages of developing comprehensive fiber-to-the-home networks. We offer multiple classes of membership, including:

Available to Electric Co-ops, WISPs, ISPs, or their affiliates providing middle-mile or wholesale service

Available to non-Co-op entities providing retail, wholesale or other broadband services.

Available to others who support the NBBC’s rural broadband mission, including contractors and vendors.

Dues for CY2021 are $6,000 for Class B and $3,000 each for Classes C and D.  An invoice will follow after your application is approved.

Membership Benefits:

Events, Gov. Relations and Policy Advocacy, Communications, Research and Policy Analysis, and Company Promotions.  

  • Make it a priority to participate in regular NBBC meetings and connect with fellow members of the Association to expand your network.
  • Get exclusive discounts for NBBC events and conferences.
  • Help shape the legislative priorities of NBBC.
  • Engage in meetings with policymakers at the state and federal levels to actively participate in shaping policies and decisions.
  • Stay with frequent updates on the latest efforts of NBBC.
  • Stay informed with timely alerts on pertinent policy developments.
  • Access exclusive NBBC research
  • Gain comprehensive analysis of state and federal policies and regulations.
  • Promote your company by leveraging branding opportunities on NBBC’s website and promotional materials.
  • Prom company news via NBBC’s official website and social media channels.