The NBBC is a robust network of “Internet Service Providers (ISPs) working together to ensure the provision of cutting-edge technology services to countless rural areas across the state. These state-of-the-art services include High-Speed Transport for seamless connectivity, Utility Marking & Asset Protection for infrastructure safety, Dark Fiber Leasing for enhanced data transmission, Colo for secure data center solutions, Fiber Splicing for optimal network performance, and Project Management to oversee the implementation of these transformative initiatives efficiently. Through our unwavering commitment, we strive to bridge the digital divide in underserved communities and empower them with the opportunities technology can offer.

Through NBBC (National Broadband Cooperative), these companies passionately advocate for public policy goals that strive to improve the lives of Hoosiers living in rural areas. This includes ensuring access to state-of-the-art communications and high-speed internet services at reasonable prices, regardless of their address or location. By bridging the digital divide and fostering connectivity, the NBBC aims to empower individuals and communities with equal opportunities for growth and progress in today’s increasingly interconnected world.

Today, an internet connection is necessary for school assignments, healthcare, communicating with friends, finding a job, and starting a business. Many people consider broadband or high-speed internet as the 4th utility. While broadband service is now available to most Americans, many families remain unconnected to this vital network. Our members are committed to closing this digital divide by promoting the benefits of broadband, encouraging families to connect, and offering programs that help families overcome barriers they may face.

The internet powers the economy, inspires our imaginations, and provides an essential connection to family and friends. Yet some communities in rural America have yet to be connected, leaving an estimated 23 million people without access to fast, reliable broadband. Our members are committed to being part of the solution, building out high-speed networks to all corners of the country. However, in some hard-to-reach areas, government support is needed for cable or other providers to offer service. But some simple changes to federal programs will encourage participation by all providers, quickly speeding up deployment in these areas. We want to ensure that all residents of our respective communities— whether in rural communities or large cities—have access to our nation’s opportunity infrastructure.

The National Broadband Cooperative operates as a member-owned LLC. Our organization serves two essential functions:

  1. We specialize in constructing and providing state-of-the-art fiber-optic cable infrastructure to cater to the connectivity needs of our esteemed members across the entire state.
  2. We are a trade association for organizations interested in broadband services nationwide, fostering collaboration and representing their common interests.

Unfortunately, our company does not provide retail services. Instead, we work in collaboration with our extensive network of Internet Service Provider members. This allows us to extend a broader range of services to the rural areas in our vicinity.

Consider us as your Internet Service Provider’s internet provider. We provide wholesale internet services to our members, who, in turn, offer services to their customers.

We are dedicated to contributing to the expansion of high-speed networks across every corner of the country. Nevertheless, in some hard-to-reach regions, government support is imperative for cable or other service providers to facilitate coverage. 


 The NBBC comprises Broadband Membership Cooperatives working to bring cutting-edge technology services to rural areas statewide.


The National Broadband Cooperative offers dependable and competitive digital connectivity solutions, catering to our stakeholders in unserved and underserved areas.

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NBBC members are dedicated to expanding access to reliable broadband services, connecting people, businesses, and communities. We invite you to join us in our ongoing efforts to expand broadband coverage nationwide.


The National Broadband Cooperative aims to lead by providing innovative and sustainable digital connectivity solutions and unwavering support to all stakeholders in the ecosystem.

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Dedicated to expanding high-speed networks nationwide, we strive to be at the forefront of innovative and sustainable digital connectivity solutions. Join us on our journey!

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