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Whether your company looks for internet connectivity, location or a full network build, we’re ready to provide that for you.

Our members have practical and proven experience in fiber construction, project management, and connectivity deployment. We have experts in wireless, networking, Voice, and many needed services for the modern provider space.

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Any company’s level of expertise, trustworthiness or popularity can be easily checked when it comes to proven cases..

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Our co-op includes fiber construction companies, tower climbers, network architects, and a facet of other service geared toward connectivity projects. Let NBBC help your town, city, or company get the most benefit out of your next project.

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NBBC brings together a team of telecom and ISP industry veterans backed by their individual companies.

Our expertise spans from licensed wireless, to fiber, and bandwidth services. Complete solutions from start to finish are available.

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Director of Production
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Creative Director
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